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Manufacturing Trends for 2019

Manufacturing Trends for 2019

Tue, Nov 13, 2018 @ 09:33 AM / 0 Comments / in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations by Nancy Phillippi

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Microsoft released a new whitepaper outlining six trend predictions for the upcoming year. This is interesting reading, but it also brings to mind that many manufacturing companies are behind the technology curve and do not even have an ERP system that was designed in this century. If that's the case it is still possible to utilize some of the latest technologies to improve your business data and analysis. Of course the first step is to upgrade your ERP system to Dynamics 365 to keep and hire staff easier, have more accurate data with the latest in software tools, and a lot more.

Six Trends for Manufacturing

  1. IT and OT Converge - IT systems merge with operational technologies
  2. The Rise of XaaS - Anything as a Service is the evolution of manufacturers adding to their business models
  3. Intelligent Manufacturing - Connected intelligent systems make manufacturing smarter or the 4th Industrial Revolution is the term analysts are using
  4. Manufacturing Technology Evolves - New technologies are revolutionizing manufacturing such as creating digital twins.
  5. Businesses Adapt to an Evolving Workforce - A new generation enters the workforce...Millennial managers which should be interesting, older workforce and more diversity.
  6. Living in an Age of Uncertainty - I think we are always living with changing regulations and politicians, to name two, so companies need to be able to adapt fast.

If you are a manufacturing company that continues to improve technology to stay ahead of your competitors, then you will find this whitepaper interesting.

Download the 2019 Trends for Manufacturing: 

2019 Manufacturing Trends Report

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